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Leather is the natural choice
Leather is one of the most durable, environmentally-sound, value-conscious upholstery materials available. Leather stands up to wear-and-tear that would ravage other upholstery materials, it defies fashion trends that render fabrics obsolete. Its processing has minimal impact on the environment.

The Naturalness of Leather:
Leather is the fastest growing upholstery material used today because of its strength and pleasant feel. Only genuine leather carries natural markings unique to each hide. These are nature's beauty marks on leather and your guarantee that 100% leather has been used in our furniture. These hallmarks give leather its distinction and elegance, as well as proof positive that your furniture was crafted with genuine leather.

Tanning Process
Although the process of turning hide into leather varies with each tanner, some steps are quite similar. First, the hides are cured by immersing them in a vat of salt solution which prevents the hides from deteriorating and preserves them until the tanning process can begin. In this way, a quantity of hides can be stored prior to tanning.

Types of Leather:

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